Gerard de Hoop aug 2021

Gerard de Hoop

(Stadskanaal, The Netherlands 1968) is an all-round designer. He studied Architectural and Interior Design at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen.

His work consists of a constant search for innovation and resourcefulness in the field of functional products. His ambition is to make unique designs that carry the elements of simplicity, surprise, and versatility in them. Simplicity is mainly brought about by the use of basic geometric shapes. He always explores the boundaries of what is possible, and he is always looking for a certain tension. This element of surprise, that special effect is what he is aiming for.

A number of his furniture designs have been incorporated into the collections of international design brands.


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Partnership between Gerard Hoop and Volken de Vlas.
Studio Volop is a design studio that focuses on the development of sustainable, circular materials and spatial design.



Partnership between Gerard de Hoop and Ward Huting
Focus on artistic architectural projects and (office) furniture design.