Two artworks by STUDIO VOLOP almost ready

Studio Volop (partnership between Gerard de Hoop & Volken de Vlas) has been commissioned by House of Design and the Province of Groningen (NL) to design two works of art along the roundabouts of Wehe-den Hoorn and Mensingeweer as part of the project “N361 Tussen Wad en Stad”.

More info see website: Studio Volop

Artwork 1: Folly TIGGEL – Wehe den-Hoorn:
“With the refinement of baked bricks and the emergence of new masonry techniques, the red-baked Groningen brick played a prominent role in the emerging expressionist architecture of the Amsterdam School in Groningen, to which architects such as Egbert Reitsma and Siebe Jan Bouma contributed. The artwork TIGGEL pays tribute to this architectural movement and the evolution of red brick.
”Tiggel’ is derived from the Groningen word ‘Tiggeln’, which means brick making. Four volumes, in the proportion of standard brick, stack into each other and are gradually lifted, resulting in an interesting architectural composition.”

Kunstwerk Tiggel Wehe den Hoorn 01
Kunstwerk Tiggel Wehe den Hoorn 04
Kunstwerk Tiggel Wehe den Hoorn 03
Kunstwerk Tiggel Wehe den Hoorn 02

Artwork 2: Folly STEENTIJD – Mensingeweer
“A work of art with multiple faces. Two important periods in Groningen’s history are shown in a single image: the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution.
From Lauwersoog the contours of a recognizable brick factory from the 19th century appear. From Winsum, the columns form an archetypal medieval church.
Driving past the columns made from old Groningen hand molds, the work of art tells the story of the very important red brick. Introduced by monks with the arrival of medieval monastery jokes, it was further developed in the following centuries into the well-known red brick and led to the arrival of dozens of brick factories in the 19th century.”

Kunstwerk Steentijd Mensingeweer 01
Kunstwerk Steentijd Mensingeweer 02
Kunstwerk Steentijd Mensingeweer 03
Kunstwerk Steentijd Mensingeweer 04
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