VINCENT stools- Gerard de Hoop


for Monoprix



VINCENT is a round stool and side table with three legs and a handle (ear). The name Vincent refers to a well-known Dutch painter.

metal frame with wooden seat
height 44 cm, seat 35 cm


2015 campaign DUTCH DESIGN FOR MONOPRIX (French retail chain)

Participating Dutch designers:
Daphna Laurens
Gerard de Hoop

2021 VINCENT re-released and exhibit in Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, see news item

Gerard de Hoop Daphna Lauren Kranen Gille

photo: Ilco Kemmere

tool-Vincent_white by Gerard de Hoop
tool-Vincent_white by Gerard de Hoop
VINCENT MONOPRIX by Gerard de Hoop 1
anniversary edition 2021 – 2022