Diggels™ is ready for production.

Gerard de Hoop has recently been working with his colleague Volken de Vlas, with whom he has a partnership (Studio Volop) and Evolve Productions, Tynaarlo (NL) developing circular, sustainable, local terrazzo, called Diggels™.

Diggels™ is now ready for production and can be cut, sanded and polished by Evolve Productions on almost any size and shape.


Diggels™ is a collection of modern, high-quality terrazzo products based on local debris flows and natural resources.

Studio Volop develops sustainable recipes in which at least 50% of the terrazzo consists of recycled material.

Diggels™ can be used in various designs such as kitchen worktops, floor tiles, wall finishes and outdoor applications such as cladding.


See our website: https://studiovolop.nl