FOLLY SWOAISTEE by Huting & De Hoop in Slochteren revealed

Huting & De Hoop, (a partnership between Ward Huting & Gerard de Hoop) is one of the ten winners of the Folly design prize competition issued by the Stichting Landgoed Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren, the Netherlands.

The Heritage Square is a place of historical interest. The Slochterdiep, the region’s maritime artery, used to run here.
The track boats moored here several times a week. Not only were goods trans-shipped but gossip and news were exchanged at the same time. The canal boats could turn in the narrow canal because of the turning point ( called a ‘swoaistee’ in the Groningen dialect) which was located here. Because of that, all of Slochteren prominent buildings are found here. The ‘history Folly’ is situated in the heart of the village.

Imaginary sightlines can be drawn from this spot to the remarkable buildings, each of these buildings has its own story to tell about the history of the village. Folly ‘the Swoaistee’ is on the spot where once the turning point was and is designed around the imaginary sightlines. The visitor’s view will automatically be determined by the buildings in the square and the Slochterdiep.

In the centre of the Folly a seating area is created, from which visitors can look in all directions. This is the turning point (the Swoaistee), the central point of the structure.

Design: Gerard de Hoop & Ward Huting (Huting & De Hoop)



On the Heritage Square in Slochteren (NL):

Nathalie de Vries en Klaas Hofman (MVRDV) – Trug naor de Worrel
Ward Huting en Gerard de Hoop (Huting & De Hoop) – De Swoaistee


On the estate Fraeylema:

Alex den Braber – Folly bij de Hooge Berg
Lambert Kamps – Façade
Geir Eide – Donker licht
Haiko Meijer (Onix) – Koetshuisje
René van Zuuk – Koperen kamer
Arjen Boerstra – Secret Oak
Fivelingo – Van Bus noar bos
Reinier de Gooijer – Strotempel

The follies remain for 5 years.

folly Slochteren
folly Slochteren
folly Slochteren
folly Slochteren
folly Slochteren
folly Slochteren

June 18 2016: Opening of the Folly festival.

11 June 2016

KUNSTSPOT: interview Gerard de Hoop

14 October 2016

FRAMES 2.5 presented at INTERIEUR Kortrijk