RIB & ROB 2.0 colored


RIB, cabinet with side arms. The cupboard stands in the room like a sturdy totem.

ROB, an open and also a closed slim cabinet. ROB has 3 square open niches. These niches are for example to display beautiful artifacts. The niches can be emphasized by giving the inside a different color than the outside.

RIB: h 211 x b 120 x d 45 cm
ROB: h 211 x b 80 x d 33 cm

Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese wood burning technique to preserve wood. The grain of the wood is accentuated by letting the wood burn for a while and then applying a color stain.

2021 RIB en ROB t
ROB ssb yellow 01 web
ROB ssb yellow 03 web
ROB ssb yellow 02 web
RIB ssb blue 01
RIB ssb blue 02
RIB ssb yellow 02
RIB ssb yellow 03
RIB ssb yellow 01 1
RIB ssb yellow 04c
SSB yellow
SSB blue
SSB orange
SSB red
SSB green

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