2021 OH 2 wallnut

OH 2.0



OH 2.0, this versatile piece of furniture can be used standing up and lying down, used as a side table or as a cabinet. A  place for books, magazines, and accessories. By piling up the cabinet in several manners, you can create all kinds of wall units.

OH 2.0, is a lower version of the OH.

massive wood or lacquired MDF

w 30 x d 30 x h 45 cm

2021 OH 2 LAIDBACK 04 1 scaled
OH 2 black oak
OH 2 walnut
OH 2 oak
OH 2 teak
OH 2 cherry
OH 2 maple
OH 2 black
OH 2 light gray
OH 2 creme
2021 OH 2 serie ash
2021 OH 2 serie oak
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