LONK a tightly shaped chair that looks hard and uncomfortable but that is not true, the seat is soft and very comfortable. LONK is carved from a single piece of foam covered with a special strong coating.

There is also a child version of the LONK chair. A very child-friendly seat because of the soft and strong material. The chair is also suitable as a play object and can be placed on multiple sides.

Year: 2008

Material: PU coated foam (rockface)

Dimensions: w 58, d 89, h 78, seat 42 cm, width any bespoke size possible

Dimensions kid: w 42, d 62, h 56, seat 30 cm

Production: FEEK

production on special request

3D model download: Sketchup

LONK kinderstoel

photo: Kamala Battjes

LONK + kid black by Gerard de Hoop
LONK white by Gerard de Hoop

photo: Slash2