KARKAST bloemen 01b
KARKAST bloemen 01a




Bookcase entirely made of cardboard. The bookcase can be connected so that an entire wall can be fitted with bookcases seamlessly. Suitable for office or home use.


single version: h 203 x w 81 x d 40 cm

design by: Gerard de Hoop and Ward Huting (Huting & De Hoop)

KARKAST 3x bloemen 01a scaled
KARKAST groen 01c
KARKAST groen boeken 01
KARKAST delfts blauw 01b
KARKAST delfts blauw 01c
KARKAST amandel bloesem 01a
KARKAST amandel bloesem 01b
KARKAST 1x naturel uiteen

carboard parts

KARKAST 3x naturel connectors

three cardboard cabinet elements with connectors

KARKAST 3x naturel boeken 01