Frames houten frames kast


FRAMES 2.0 is a composition of 12 wooden frames to be used as a detached rack or as a room divider. The open frames give an exciting line-up, and from a certain angle, the frames even seem to float. The ‘shelves’ have different widths with an open centre, and are suitable for a number of books and accessories.

Also available with glass shelves. When packed, all frames fit together. The total package includes 2 sets of 6 frames (flat-pack).

There is also a more minimalistic metal version: Frames 2.5

Year: 2014

Material: European oak

Dimensions: h 192, w 186, d 39 cm

Dimension flat-pack: h 192, w 39, d 6 cm

Dimensions glass plates:
small: w 24, d 21 cm
large: w 24, d 33 cm

Production: Gerard de Hoop

Price: € 1895,-

3D model download: Sketchup

Frames houten boekenrek en room divider
Frames houten frames kast
Frames boekenrek
Frames boekenrek
Frames houten frames kast
Frames 2.0 montage-01
Frames 2.0 montage-02
Frames 2.0 montage-03
Frames 2.0 montage-04
Frames 2.0 montage-05
Frames 2.0 montage-06
Frames 2.0 montage-07
Frames 2.0 montage-07
Frames 2.0 montage-09
Frames 2.0 montage-10
Frames 2.0 montage-11
Frames 2.0 montage-12
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