Gerard de Hoop, Furniture designer, product designer, Groningen

Gerard de Hoop

Gerard de Hoop, born in 1968, is a multifaceted and driven designer from the Netherlands. In 1995, he completed his studies in Architectural and Interior Design at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen, setting the foundation for his creative career.

Gerard’s work can be best described as minimalistic, functional, versatile, playful, and conceptual. He employs simple geometric shapes and clean lines to craft aesthetically pleasing compositions that evoke a sense of tension and surprise.

A number of his pieces are included in the collections of renowned international design brands.


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In addition to his individual work, Gerard is a co-founder of STUDIO VOLOP, a design studio he established in partnership with Volken de Vlas. STUDIO VOLOP focuses on the development of sustainable, circular materials and spatial design. One of their prominent developments is DIGGELS®, a line of sustainable and circular worktops made from debris flows and local raw materials.



Gerard is also part of the HUTING & DE HOOP partnership, alongside Ward Huting. This collaboration is focused on creating artistic architectural projects and designing (office) furniture.