FRAMES 2.0 is a composition of 12 wooden frames that can serve as a detached cabinet and as a room diver. The open frames produce an exciting line-up, and from a certain angle of view, the frames even seem to float. The ‘shelves’ have different widths and are open in the middle, and are suitable for some books and accessories. Eventual available with glass shelves as well as steel storage boxes, that also can be used as a planter. When packed, all frames fit together. The total package includes 2 sets of 6 frames (flat-pack).

Year: 2014

Material: European oak

Dimensions: h 192, w 186, d 39 cm

Dimension flat-pack: h 192, w 39, d 6 cm

Dimensions optional steel boxes and glass plates:
small h 12, b 25, d 18 cm
large: h 12, b 22, d 30 cm

Production: Gerard de Hoop

Price: € 1595,-

optional metal container