Posted on Mar 21, 2011

New cabinets for Castelijn, presented at the spring show in the Toonkamer, Center for Interior Design, Utrecht (NL)

Seeing a number of placards put aside was the inspiration for these versatile cabinets.

STICKS is a cabinet system with boxes in four different widths and four different heights, standing on one leg. The total height of each Stick can always be different, because of the four different lengths of the legs (the sticks). The Sticks can be used as a low board, as a sideboard and as a casual wardrobe (varying in height) or loose as a hall cabinet or bedside table.

STICKS are available in plain, effect or gloss lacquer.

Dimensions: Cabinet W 17, 29, 41, 53 cm, H 27, 46, 65, 85 cm,Sticks H 19, 38, 57, 76 cm


ROB is a slim cabinet of 211 cm high and 80 cm wide, with 3 square niches. These niches can be even more emphasised by colour to divide them from the rest of the cabinet and even more by using a spotlight (optional)

RIB with its 211 cm height and 120 cm width clearly a size bigger than ROB and is his counterpart in a form: no niches in the middle, but side arms on both sides.

RIB & ROB are is available in uni-, and high gloss effects, with various combinations of trunk, doors, tailboard and niches which provide endless variations.