STICK CHAIR is a chair that can be stuck with photos, posters of various events, promotions or advertisements.
The STICK CHAIR is a billboard with a utilitarian function.

There is also a child seat and a STICK TABLE version possible.

material: MDF
dimensions: l 89, w 58, h 78, seat 42 cm (model 2008)

price on request



Vos Interieur


Vos Interieur


Plakstoel-100 jaar Vos interieur

100 years Vos Interieur


Stick chair with stick chairs


Bruintjes & Keurentjes

Daan Samson

2008-Stick-Chair_BX_01chair with child drawings



Plaktafel (model 2005)

Wolter & Dros (model 2005)

Orthocentrum (model 2005)

Orthocentrum (model 2005)

Orthocentrum (model 2005)

Seats2Meet (model 2005)

Groninger Museum (model 2005)

 NNT (model 2005)

Vera (model 2005)

Children’s chair Lassa (model 2005)

Wonen & Co (model 2005)

Wonen & Co (model 2005)

Sony Records (model 2005)

Graffiti Chair (model 2005): artist – Adriaan Schreuder

Graffiti Chair model 2005): artist – Manfred Pruim

Graffiti Chair (model 2005): artist – Luck van der Veen

Bevrijdingspop (model 2005)

De Blauwe Stad (model 2005)

De Oosterpoort (model 2005)

Nextime (model 2005)

model 2005