FRAMES wall is a wall-mounted cluster of squares and rectangles that provide space for books of various heights.
This cabinet is suitable for shallow books, like poetry and literature but is also suitable for accessories.

dimensions: h 96, w 116, d 18 cm
material UV-lacquered black or grey MDF.

price: € 899,-

collection: PALAU



Click on te link below to see and turn around or to download a 3D model of this design.
Sketchup 3D model


“Extending the fascination we have for high-quality modern furniture, Netherlands-based designer Gerard de Hoop imagined an elegant wall shelf for you to keep books in plain sight without losing the joy of displaying a beautifully designed support system. Made out of black lacquered MDF, the three layers composing the modern bookshelf also give it a sophisticated three-dimensional shape. The Frames wall captures Gerard de Hoop’s ideas of showcasing books of various heights in a sculptural wall art piece of furniture. The wall-mounted bookshelf gathers squares and rectangles in a hard-to-ignore design, responding to the need to store books of various heights. This black-painted wall shelf can be customised to suit your needs – different types of wood can be used to build it and larger or smaller sizes can quench your thirst for knowledge and display your beloved book collections. Put in your library or mount it above the office desk to have your favourite books close and enjoy a modern shelf composed of stacked frames with spaces in between – an elegant eye-catcher.” Author: Ada Teicu





photos: Eigen Huis & Interieur

Frames wall_01 700px

Frames wall_03 700px

new grey version, presented at the IMM Cologne 2017