FRAMES 2.0 is a composition of 12 wooden frames that can serve as a detached cabinet and as a room diver. The open frames produce an exciting line-up, and from a certain angle of view, the frames even seem to float. The ‘shelves’ have different widths and are open in the middle, and are suitable for some books and accessories. Eventual available with glass shelves as well as steel storage boxes, that also can be used as a planter. When packed, all frames fit together. The total package includes 2 sets of 6 frames (flat-pack).

material: oak (oiled)
dimensions: h 192, w 186, d 39 cm
dimensions flat-pack: h 192, w 39, d 6 cm
dimensions steel boxes and glass plates
small h 12, b 25, d 18 cm
large: h 12, b 22, d 30 cm

price: € 1645,- (free tranport Netherlands and Belgium)

collection: GERARD DE HOOP

Click on te link below to see and turn around or to download a 3D model of this design with the accessories.
Sketchup 3D model


Yanko Design
“Imagine you being able to right-click on your furniture and compress it into a ZIP file. Would you believe me if I told you that designer Gerard de Hoop did just that? Frames 2.0 is an uber-minimal approach to your household shelf. All the components fit into a single rectangular plank structure. However, when you assemble it, it looks nothing short of grand. Frames 2.0 has everything you need to display everything you have. A sort of jungle gym for all your belongings!” Author: Sarang Sheth


“There is a lot of negative space within this unit, but you might not assume that it’s actually a flat packed storage system. Exactly 12 timber frames make up the structure here, but their varying sizes mean that that the components can be nested for economical production and shipping.
Gerard de Hoop created his Frames 2.0, which comprises wooden rectangles that pack into just a pair of boxes. When assembled, the scaffold-like form takes on an inconsistent composition whereby some sections extend beyond and encompass others. Inset tracks are essentially created within this piece, making opportunities for the unconventional arrangement of items. Proper ledges can be placed within the grid of this flat packed storage system, or hanging planters and broad hardcover books can simply span the narrower modules of Frames 2.0.” Author: Amelia Robin













Frames-2.0-American_ash_detail-02special editon:  American ash



steel storage boxes, example has 4 large en 4 small boxes