Entry (Huting & De Hoop) for the Folly design competition issued by Stichting Landgoed Fraeylemaborg .

Starting point for the shape and size of the folly Altitude is a standard sea container. The mass of the sea container has been cut into 8 smaller portions.Each part has been lifted gradually into 8 smaller segments. Thus, differences in altitude appear and specific rooms in which lopen visitors can walk around. The rooms can be used for exhibitions.
These segments make the mass unrecognizable as a sea container, the observer is presented with remarkable views which particularize the park beyond. The geometrical imagery contrasts with the preceding baroque, romantic English garden and its straight forms.

At the same time, the colour orange constrasts with the predominantly green surroundings.
From the entrance, the route gradually goes up.
The exhibition space is situated over the passage, whereby a socle is created for different exhibitions.
The exhibition spaces are largely sealed. There is no natural light and they are splash proof. However, the passage is transparent in various places, allowing visitors to view the park from different heights. These smaller segments consist of a framework made of square metal tubes, metal plates and expanded metal. Each segment rests on one pillar, by joining the separate segments, the structure becomes one stabile entity. This folly is not designed for one specific location, it has to be said that the folly needs an open space to bring out its best.



H&H-Folly-Altitude-01 H&H-Folly-Altitude-06 H&H-Folly-Altitude-05 H&H-Folly-Altitude-08 H&H-Folly-Altitude-07 H&H-Folly-Altitude-02 H&H-Folly-Altitude-schema-01 H&H-Folly-Altitude-schema-02 H&H-Folly-Altitude-schema-03 H&H-Folly-Altitude-schema-04